"When a need is recognized, an industry is created. However, as time and advancement of technology has taught us; there is always room for improvement. I realize that there are an abundance of life coaching, empowerment, and business development services available. However, when I sought advice or guidance from these sources; the information given was extremely general. I was looking for direction as it specifically related to my business ventures and my life as a mother and wife."  


Shee is offering you solace. Providing you with a fully customized experience. I want to get to know your unique circumstance as it relates to your business and/or personal life. Each call contains time allotted for Q&A. It is encouraged to have your questions formulated and documented so there are no questions left unanswered. This eliminates the fear that the call will end without concise direction/instruction. I am here for you. No more feeling alone in your  business ventures or in life. The Zoom option was created for individuals, like myself, that prefer a visual and verbal communication platform. 

"I have a team working with me, willing to assist me in finding answers for you. Some may say, "It is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know." This is a true statement. And I am dedicated to connecting you to the resources that you need to know; in order to grow." -Shee

Coaching by Shee


Are you wondering how you could potentially better yourself mentally, emotionally, and financially? Possibly looking to act in your purpose; but need a bit of a push or more of a plan. The Self-Improvement topic touches on all things important in self developement.

Building Your Business

Do you have a business or business idea that you are eager to take to the next level? Maybe you're uncertain in which direction to go or you know exactly where you're going, but no ideas on how to get there. The Building Your Business topic allows Shee to help you take your business to the next level.

Financial Kleanse

Need assistance with your credit? Learn some tips that could potentially increase your score in 30 days or less. There are other hidden methods and tools that are surprisingly simple. The Financial Kleanse topic will broaden your understanding of credit.

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