To all Who Is Shee Supporters,



            I hope this message reaches you at the most opportune moment. There is some news that I would like to share with you, that is as bitter as it is sweet. It involves my future and the future of Who Is Shee. But I want to first start by thanking you for your loyalty and allowing me to be a part of your healthy hair journey. It was less of being a part of your hair journey and more of being a part of your life journey, that has helped me to better understand my readiness to act in my God-given purpose.


Last year, God whispered in my ear and told me that I must be willing to let go of all that I know in order to truly walk in faith. For so long, I thought that being a hair stylist was satisfying my purpose, as it has opened so many doors for me to do great things beyond my expectation. However, my true passion is helping others. I was able to create a 6-figure business for the benefit of sharing with others. It is always in God’s plan for us to share. If you have been a client of mine for quite some time, which most of you have, you know that I am a teacher. I find passion in educating and guiding others in the right direction. This next step will allow me to make an impact on other entrepreneurs like myself and other women like yourself.


What does this mean for Who Is Shee Members?


Well, Who Is Shee will no longer maintain memberships, as I will only style hair occasionally when my schedule permits. This is not a good-bye because I expect to interact with every one of you and include you in the next phase of the Who Is Shee movement. Beginning April 2020, all memberships will be cancelled. Please keep your notifications on to be updated when I am styling. I want nothing more than to see you all again. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. Honestly, I would like to hear any feedback you all have at all! Again, it has truly been an honor to have women like you committed to Who Is Shee and the organic lifestyle we promote.



This message was so hard to type and yet so easy. I want to thank each and every one of you for all your love and support. God has truly blessed me and given me EVERYTHING that I’ve asked for plus more. He’s truly AMAZING! And so are you!




With Appreciation,






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